Introducing The StackShare API (Beta)

📢 Today we’re excited to introduce The StackShare API — the best tech stack data set available. The StackShare API has over 10X the data available on 😱

We’ve analyzed and classified tons of publicly available sources from across the web and layered that on top of the self-reported data only available on StackShare. Imagine all the data on StackShare at your fingertips, plus over 1 million more companies. You can use the API for leads, enrichment, trends, and more.

With the StackShare API you can:

  • Automatically enrich your customer records and workflows with company technology data
  • Improve lead scoring by knowing which technologies your customers use at their company
  • Instantly build your sales pipeline with access to over 32 million data points from 1.5 million companies using over 7,000 technologies

During the Beta, API plans start at $99/month and get cheaper per API call with more usage, but you can try it for free (no credit card required).

👉 Check out The StackShare API on Product Hunt for 20% off any paid plan.

The API is in Beta, and we’ll be making lots of enhancements over the coming months, so we’d love your feedback!

Try the StackShare API for Free