React Roundup: Top 10 Articles in February

Roundup: React

React was named our Top Developer Tool of 2017 in the Application & Data Category, and the buzz just keeps growing in 2018. At StackShare we keep our finger on the pulse of the hottest tools in the industry, and it seems like something new and exciting is happening in the React world every day!

Here are the top 10 February React articles from across the web, as hand-curated by the StackShare team using data from StackShare News.

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#1: What’s new in React 16.3(.0-alpha)

Bartosz Szczeciński's Medium post outlining all the "biggest, most interesting changes" in the newest alpha release of React has nearly 8k claps.

React Changes

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#2: Some great React components, libraries, and tools for 2018

"A curated collection of useful and popular React.js UI components, tools and libraries for building your next amazing app in 2018."


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#3: Top 10 ReactJS Open Source Projects of February (by Mybridge)

This new monthly series by Mybridge AI ranks the top open source React projects on GitHub based on a variety of factors. Some of these projects were so cool we had to add them to the StackShare database (check out Docusaurus and React Easy State).

React Open Source

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#4: React's new Context API

Ken C. Dodds wrote this post about the new Context API in React, and why you shouldn't (necessarily) be afraid to use it.

React Context API

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#5: Build a Progressive Web App using React

Aman Mittal's guide walks you step by step through building a simple PWA with React.

PWA using React

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#6: Introducing Rekit Studio: a real IDE for React and Redux development

Nate Wang announced the stable release of Rekit Studio, "a complete IDE for React, Redux, and React Router development." And yes, of course it's on StackShare! If you've used it, add it to your stack now!

Rekit Studio

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#7: Free Course - Learn React by building an app to help you find the best movie to watch

If you're not already on the React train, this is a great program for those of us who learn by doing. Build a simple app with CodeCamp's free tutorial.

Sweet Pumpkins

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#8: How I Shipped a Neural Network on iOS with CoreML, PyTorch, and React Native

From Stefano J. Attardi: "This is the story of how I trained a simple neural network to solve a well-defined yet novel challenge in a real iOS app."

Neural Network iOS

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#9: React patterns you should know

João Miguel Cunha reminds us: "React is just JavaScript!" This post goes through some common problems and gives examples of how you can use patterns to solve them.

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#10: Developing Games with React, Redux, and SVG - Part 2

This blog post by Auth0 is the second in a series that walks you through developing a React game called Aliens, Go Home!

Aliens go home

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