Why Developers Love Visual Studio Code

Why Developers Love Visual Studio Code

One of the most exciting things we’ve seen with the launch of Stack Decisions is engineers helping other devs choose between two tools (shocking 😏).

The battle between Visual Studio Code and every other text editor (and IDE) has been heating up as of late. We wanted to understand why developers love VSCode so we reviewed each decision and curated the best ones for you. 🙌

“The features, plugin ecosystem and release frequency are very impressive.”

“I like the Python Engine in VSCode [it] makes my work life productive.”

“[VSCode] Includes an integrated terminal, debugger, problem list and console output inspector. The project navigator sidebar is simple and powerful: you can manage your files and folders with ease.”

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Visualization of the technologies tagged the most with each VSCode decision.
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“the ability to share those configuration across a team, including applying company themes”

"It's fast, reliable and apart from that, updated very frequently.”

“Even though a lot of other IDE's are Electron apps just like VSCode I find that VSCode boots up the fastest.”

“[It] has a great integration with Git that makes easy to clone/commit/pull/push files to your own repository.”

What did you think? If you're more of a Atom, WebStorm, Sublime Text, Vim or other IDE/text editor fan, we want to hear about that too! Clicking a link below will ask you for a quick explanation:

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