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What is Qordoba?

Qordoba’s localization software automatically pulls in and syncs all of the content required to take your products, marketing, sales collateral and documentation into over 100 markets.

Qordoba is a tool in the Translation Service category of a tech stack.

Who Uses Qordoba?

Why people like Qordoba

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Qordoba's Features

  • LIVE EDITOR: Live rendering for your testers and localizers, without a test device or sandbox app.
  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS SUPPORT: Send push notifications to your users in their native language.
  • NO RESUBMITTING: Add languages after submitting to App Store or Google Play.
  • INSTANT UPDATES: Edit content for any language even after distribution of your app
  • CUSTOM WORKFLOWS: Configure workflows by content type and language pair.
  • STATUS TRACKING: Easily track progress of localization with reporting tools.
  • AUTO-DETECTION: For subsequent releases of your app, only localize new or updated strings
  • TRANSLATION MEMORY: Leverage the same localized strings for both your iOS and Android builds
  • GLOSSARIES: Maintain consistent terminology across different app releases

Qordoba's alternatives

  • Transifex - GitHub for Translation
  • Crowdin - Localization Management Platform
  • PhraseApp - Translate your software better.
  • OneSky - Full Stack Localization Solution
  • Smartling - Cloud-Based Translation Management Platform

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