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I am building a fintech startup with a friend, we decided to use Go for its performance and friendly syntax. We want to know if we should use a web framework or just use the pure net/http lib and also for the databases we put PostgreSQL and MySQL on the table, we want to know which one is better, from the community support to the best open-source implementation?

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I recommend Elixir, even though I work in a fintech with Go, Elixir is a FP language so in my opinion the immutability is a important topic when working with money.

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Wassim Ben Jdida
Wassim Ben Jdida
August 21st 2021 at 4:00AM

Hi Rafael, Thanks for suggesting, appreciate your respond, but I don't know about elixir it will take me sometime to learn it and get familiar, it also seems like it gets fit into realtime apps better rather then other domains, the fintech app has some realtime yes but not that much, using websockets maybe will do it. i also love the performance of Go and the out of the box concurrency support that will make it a great choice for a high latency systems such as a fintech compnay. i also read that Monzo uses Go a lot (not on everything ofc) but they use it more then other languages.

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Postgres is a better option to consider compared to MySQL. With respect to performance, postgres has an edge over MySQL. Don't use net/http for production. Read this I prefer gorilla/mux as it is simple and provides all the basic features. Other lib seems to be an overhead if you just need basic routing.

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