• Used it for full stack web application development, especially to interact with MySQL/ MariaDB / PostgreSQL server.

  • Used it for full stack web application development.

  • Used Angular2(TypeScript) + Semantic UI for web application development

  • Used Semantic UI + Angular2 together with Spring or Node/Express for full stack web application development.

  • Used MariaDB as drop-in replacement on AWS server to act as RESTful API database in web application.

  • Used Angular,Express,Mongo,Node.js and plenty APIs to support web or mobile application development.

    Also used Sequalize for Object relational mapping in case the database shall be relational database, such as postgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle database.

  • Used Github for code study and quick-start for application development. Version Control and collaboration.

  • Used jQuery for web application development, created button responsed to right/center/left button mouse click events in web application.

  • Setup web server as service and user/database management for developer team.

    Used MySQL as ORM managed database in application development. (Hibernate/Sequalize)

  • Algorithm practice and prepare for interview and follow software project discussion.

  • Used Redis database and messaging service for a web forum.

  • Used Mongodb for web application development.

  • Used drag and drop API and createElement for personalize tag.

  • Used Java SE/EE in algorithm practices. Mainly used Spring.

  • Used Sublime to edit HTML/CSS/Javascript.

  • Used npm for pull-in modules for nodejs development.

  • Used Bitbucket to manage small team's code in private repository.

  • Used virtualbox as docker VM.

  • Editing code on the fly in unix server for server deployment.

  • Communication with people and friend and family and co-works oversea.

  • Used Express.js for web application development.

    Wrote dispatcher as a router and middleware service.

  • Used Source Tree to maintain version / commit / pull request , merge of codes for a team.

  • Used Socket.IO for webRTC application testing.

  • Used Selenium web-driver for automated QA testing in continuous integration and continuous deployment.

  • Used Spring Boot and its ORM to interacting with database server for web application development.

  • Used Stack Overflow to check out some recipes or know-how whenever idea comes into development to see if there's already a practice.

  • Used SQLite with Ghost for Blogging service, both are free.

  • Used EC2 for web service server and application testing for more containers.

  • Used Cassandra's CQL for database query.

  • NetBeans is my major java development platform. Used it for scala programming as well. Installed many plugin and wrote plenty snippet for speeding up development.

  • Used Apache Cordova to package single page web application written HTML/CSS/javascript as a iOS/Android application.

  • Used Electron to package single page web application as a desktop application.

  • Used Spark Dataframe API on Spark-R for big data analysis.

  • Used Zookeeper as the resource management system for Mesos/Marathon services.

  • Built Mesos master/slave as a cluster among serveral cloud service providers, such as Amazon web services, Google cloud engine, Joyent Elastic Container, and AliCloud, and also personal desktop.

  • Check raining weather. Stock price tracking. Cross post articles between LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook pages for business growth or press release.

  • For user authentication and signal-sing-on service.

  • For math calculation and solve partial differential equation numerically.

  • I use Google Map API to display data on the map, and use its directional service for find a path.

  • I use docker on Mesos/Marathon/Zookeeper Frameworks among GCE/AmazonEC2/AliCloud ... for application deployment.

    I also create Dockerfile for build a image. Such as TomEE, MongoDB.

  • Installed PostgreSQL server. Maintain database administration and database migration.

  • Connect to database, data analytics, draw diagram. Machine Learning application, and also used Spark-R for big data processing.

  • Made a contact list application for maintain contain list.

  • Support build of application and import source codes.

  • Support build of application and import source codes.

  • Support build of application and import web component.

  • Used Atom for javascript development.