Use Raygun to track, manage, and report your software errors.
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Raygun keeps track of errors and sanely keeps you informed of the health of your software. Raygun will intelligently keep you up to date with software faults - first seen notifications, escalating errors and telling you about trends.

Raygun's Features
  • Beautiful & powerful dashboard- Raygun is designed to make it a pleasure to track your software errors.
  • Integrate in minutes- Raygun only takes minutes to integrate with your software. Get all the features on this page in no time!
  • Dive deep on error groups- When an error occurs Raygun records a lot of information so you can get the best understanding possible: stack trace, environmental information, line numbers and app specific details (including your custom data!).
  • Track multiple apps- Software often is made up of many moving parts - services, scheduled jobs and more. Track every part with Raygun to get a complete picture.
  • Unlimited users- Get your whole team involved with managing errors. Don't miss errors because somebody is on holiday or off work sick.
  • Advanced, clear notifications- Raygun doesn't send you emails for every error. It intelligently keeps you posted on changes based on first sightings, recurrence, rate increases and threshold changes.
  • Custom data- Sure, Raygun automatically tracks a lot of data but what if you want to track more? All providers include easy to use methods to include custom data with each message. Want to track the logged in user name? Maybe their account type? Track anything you want.

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