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Dedicated NoSQL Databases for the Realtime Web
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What is RedisGreen?

Redis drives the best sites on the web, from Twitter to Pinterest. RedisGreen makes it easy for anyone to use. Customers can spin up databases at the click of a button. RedisGreen's future is in very fast tools to make the most difficult aspects of modern web application development faster, cheaper, and less labor-intensive.<br>
RedisGreen is a tool in the Redis Hosting category of a tech stack.

Who uses RedisGreen?

5 companies reportedly use RedisGreen in their tech stacks, including Travis CI, Duriana, and Areysun.

8 developers on StackShare have stated that they use RedisGreen.

RedisGreen Integrations

Pros of RedisGreen
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RedisGreen's Features

  • Your server is yours- Every single RedisGreen server is a dedicated EC2 instance, not an ad-hoc multi-tenant environment. Your server will perform as predictably as a reserved EC2 instance, with fast access from the same region.
  • Monitored at every level- Our servers are monitored at the server, host, and network levels and we have at least two engineers on-call at all times. Problems are responded to within minutes — not hours — and are often diagnosed and fixed before they become serious.
  • Deep insight- Our dashboard graphs your server’s health and performance metrics for every single command. Diagnose performance issues, optimize your use of Redis, and predict problems before they occur.
  • Real engineers, real support- With RedisGreen, you get direct access to the engineers who built RedisGreen. We’ve been running large-scale Redis servers for years and can answer any Redis-related questions you have.
  • Easy master / slave setups- Slave servers are an excellent way to increase the reliability and availability of your Redis-based systems. With RedisGreen, you can create and manage slaves right from the dashboard.
  • Hourly backups- Servers are backed up every hour. You can use backups to roll back your server to any point in time or audit the prior state of your Redis server.<br>

RedisGreen Alternatives & Comparisons

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