Visualise trends of build processes on Continuous Integration platforms by gathering and analysing build and timing data.

  • Monitoring Buildtime Trend as a Service on Heroku

  • Buildtime Trend as a Service is hosted on Heroku

  • Trends dashboard uses dashboard which is based on Bootstrap

  • jQuery powers some scripts on the Trends dashboard.

  • The timing and build data that is generated from the monitored builds is stored in the database using its Python library, the analysis and visualisation Javascript SDK powers the Trends dashboard.

  • Python scripts gather, parse and analyse build and timing data before sending it to for storage

  • Travis CI builds and tests every commit. It's also used to deploy Buildtime Trend as a Service to Heroku and the Buildtime Trend Python library to the PyPi repository.

  • publishes test coverage reports

  • version control of the source code

  • hosts the git repo, wiki, issue tracker and webpage

  • Verifies code quality

  • Generates and refreshes the chart on the trends dashboard using the JavaScript API

  • Generates the status badges

  • Papertrail handles the logs of the services running on Heroku.

  • Using Celery, the web service creates tasks that are executed by a background worker. Celery uses a RabbitMQ instance as a task queue.

  • RabbitMQ is used by Celery as a task queue.