Infrastructure Monitoring with Automated Remediation
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Runbook is a SaaS application that monitors your servers and performs automated tasks when your monitors fails. Use Runbook to automatically recover from application crashes and unexpected failure without interrupting your service or your well earned sleep!

Runbook's Features
  • Monitors are used to check the status of your environment. They can be webhooks that call to the Runbook RESTful API, they can be Datadog alerts, they can be ping requests. Or, you can setup our TCP custom port to validate connectivity.
  • Reactions are automated tasks that are called when Monitors fail. It can be anything from starting or restarting servers on AWS, Digital Ocean, or elsewhere, to running a custom script or executing a command. You know, all the first things you try when you get a 4am wake-up call
  • Integrated with the tools you use today: Heroku, Salt, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, Logentries

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