Ryan Jennings
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  • DigitalOcean

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    hosting provider

  • Docker

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    used to deploy containers in dokku

  • Dokku

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    paas on digital ocean

  • MongoDB

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    backend data store container

  • Bower

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    managing javascript frameworks

  • Brunch

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    compiling web assets

  • Erlang

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    foundation VM for phoenix framework

  • Elixir

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    language used by phoenix framework

  • Phoenix Framework

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    framework that the app is built on

  • Bootstrap

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  • PostgreSQL

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    a shared enterprise database on a server using schemas for isolation and built in random functionality

  • HTML5

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    landing page for the project

  • DigitalOcean

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    hosting dokku containers which this app is one.

  • Go

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    high concurrency and dead simple to write

  • Slack

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    really wanted unix fortunes in slack which I use

  • OpenAPI Specification

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    Generated initial source code from api definition