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Hi All, Just thought I would reach out to see what peoples thoughts were on Blazor for Webassembly. I have been toying with it, and from a speed of development respect is seems amazing (especially for an engineering team that has significant c# experience). It does seem to have performance issues, which I assume are being worked on.

Here are my current concerns, which may be getting addressed?

  • Treeshaking seems to be needed to reduce overall download sizes

  • It seems that there are currently two virtual machines stacked on top of each other (.net/core on top of Webassembly)

  • Does it use a virtual DOM for rendering UI updates?

In any case the technology looks promising, especially if the above issues are being addresses. It is hard to find information about the plans and status of the project, especially with respect to the Webassembly variant. To be clear, this is not about a decision for today, but more about the future of Blazor.

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As others have stated there are more canned components available for React, but your observation about it's complexity is an important one. There are architectural aspects of Vue.js that lead to cleaner more concise solutions. As React apps get bigger they become a little unwieldy. Depending on your requirements you need to weigh those competing concerns. Our team is using React, but I am beginning to question that choice as time goes on. Another consideration is that Vue.js is becoming more mature as we speak. Also as others join the project, react developers should be productive in Vue.js within days. Just my 2 cents...

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