Hey there, I am using Visual Studio for C++ and Notepad++ for web development. Should I switch to Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code for web development?

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Visual Studio

You should absolutely switch to Visual Studio Code for web development. The suite of plugins offered for every task is phenomenal, and you'll find a lot of support among the community. Web development often requires full-stack comprehension for both the developer and for the IDE. Visual Studio Code (via the assistance of plugins) is fluent in so many different languages and files, and the git integration is pure zen.

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Yes, Visual Studio Code for web development. I'd probably stick with Visual Studio for C++, but even there I'm pretty sure Visual Studio Code gives Visual Studio a challenge for top spot. Visual Studio Code is my first choice for web development, and Notepad++ is my favorite text editor, but it's not an IDE like the Microsoft products. Visual Studio Code has excellent support for both Windows or Linux, and incredible support for Windows-based debugging under Windows Services for Linux 2 (WSL2) which gives you a full Linux environment within Windows with tight integration with VS Code on the Windows side (even debugging your code running under Windows or Linux (WSL2). You didn't mention which language you were developing in, so I'll assume JavaScript here... but to be honest, even if it's something else, you're probably best off with Visual Studio Code.

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