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Hello there, We're developing a team chat application which would consist of direct (one-to-one) conversations and channel (group) conversations. I'm not the developer (of course), but my team suggested to go with Redis.

I've seen tech stacks of BIG team chat applications like Slack and Flock...but they haven't used RabbitMQ and used Redis instead.

A quick question, what's a good choice to go with for RabbitMQ or Redis for a message queue system in our case?

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This is of course determined by the needs of your application. It is important how many of your estimated instant users in your application will be. Also, the features of the application will affect the architecture of the application. For example, if the message data would be processed on the server, I would prefer a distributed server solution such as akka actor with the rabbitmq cluster. I would definitely use Redis. Both technologies are incomparable lanes. Redis is a database and its purpose is to process data from a different memory with the memory used by the code running on the server. Rabbit is a messaging queue system. It contributes to the architecture in a different dimension. Performance and stability are keywords.

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Each tool supports different use cases. RabbitMQ is a middleware peace supporting message driven reqs like you are trying to accomplish and Redis, on the other hand, allows to store data if performance, cache is important. If we are taking about a message queue system approach you could use RabbitMQ, Amazon SNS/SQS or Apache Kafka

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