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Our team is made up of both remote and local employees. After doing daily standups over Zoom for a while, we started looking for a better solution. Having a fixed time for video meetings was problematic due to time zone differences. And the information that was exchanged was lost to whoever missed the meeting, and not super accessible even if the video was recorded. We also had a goal of minimizing the number of video meetings in our workflow since they're a bit disruptive.

After some discussion, we landed on Jell. It works for a remote/hybrid team, since you can post your status any time. It integrates with Slack, so all posts are collected in one channel. This allows you to browse posts and access information much more easily than you would in video form. It also makes it easy to keep track of daily tasks via a todo-style checklist. We've been using Jell for several months now and it's worked out great for our team.

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