Amazon S3 vs. Ehcache vs. TempoDB

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What is Amazon S3?

Amazon Simple Storage Service provides a fully redundant data storage infrastructure for storing and retrieving any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web

What is Ehcache?

Ehcache is an open source, standards-based cache for boosting performance, offloading your database, and simplifying scalability. It's the most widely-used Java-based cache because it's robust, proven, and full-featured. Ehcache scales from in-process, with one or more nodes, all the way to mixed in-process/out-of-process configurations with terabyte-sized caches.

What is TempoDB?

TempoDB is the first database service for time series data (ex: measuring thermostat temperatures, network latencies, heart rates). Time series is a unique Big Data problem that breaks traditional databases (MySQL, MongoDB, etc). Today, businesses spend months and millions attempting to build solutions to manage all this data and yet still fail to store as much as they need or analyze it effectively. TempoDB is a purpose-built database service that enables businesses to store and analyze massive streams of time series data, so they can learn from the past, understand the present, and predict the future.
Why do developers choose Amazon S3?
Why do you like Amazon S3?

Why do developers choose Ehcache?
Why do you like Ehcache?

Why do developers choose TempoDB?
Why do you like TempoDB?

What are the cons of using Amazon S3?
Downsides of Amazon S3?

What are the cons of using Ehcache?
No Cons submitted yet for Ehcache
Downsides of Ehcache?

What are the cons of using TempoDB?
No Cons submitted yet for TempoDB
Downsides of TempoDB?

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How much does Amazon S3 cost?
Amazon S3 Pricing
How much does Ehcache cost?
How much does TempoDB cost?
TempoDB Pricing
What companies use Amazon S3?
3860 companies on StackShare use Amazon S3
What companies use Ehcache?
8 companies on StackShare use Ehcache
What companies use TempoDB?
1 companies on StackShare use TempoDB
What tools integrate with Amazon S3?
87 tools on StackShare integrate with Amazon S3
No integrations listed yet
What tools integrate with TempoDB?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with TempoDB

What are some alternatives to Amazon S3, Ehcache, and TempoDB?

  • Google Cloud Storage - Durable and highly available object storage service
  • Amazon EBS - Block level storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances.
  • Azure Storage - Reliable, economical cloud storage for data big and small
  • Minio - AWS S3 open source alternative written in Go

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