React Router vs. angular-gantt

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What is React Router?

React Router is a complete routing solution designed specifically for React.js. It painlessly synchronizes the components of your application with the URL, with first-class support for nesting, transitions, and server side rendering.

What is angular-gantt?

angular-gantt provides a gantt chart component to your AngularJS application.


Why do developers choose React Router?
Why do you like React Router?

Why do developers choose angular-gantt?
Why do you like angular-gantt?


What are the cons of using React Router?
No Cons submitted yet for React Router
Downsides of React Router?

What are the cons of using angular-gantt?
No Cons submitted yet for angular-gantt
Downsides of angular-gantt?


What companies use React Router?
98 companies on StackShare use React Router
What companies use angular-gantt?
3 companies on StackShare use angular-gantt


What tools integrate with React Router?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with React Router
What tools integrate with angular-gantt?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with angular-gantt

What are some alternatives to React Router and angular-gantt?

  • AngularUI - The companion suite(s) to the AngularJS framework
  • Ant Design - A set of high-quality React components
  • styled-components - Visual primitives for the component age. Use the best bits of ES6 and CSS to style your apps without stress.
  • React Hot Loader - Tweak React components in real time

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