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AWS AppSync
AWS AppSync

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What is Apollo?

Build a universal GraphQL API on top of your existing REST APIs, so you can ship new application features fast without waiting on backend changes.

What is AWS AppSync?

AWS AppSync automatically updates the data in web and mobile applications in real time, and updates data for offline users as soon as they reconnect. AppSync makes it easy to build collaborative mobile and web applications that deliver responsive, collaborative user experiences.
Why do developers choose Apollo?
Why do developers choose AWS AppSync?

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      What companies use Apollo?
      What companies use AWS AppSync?

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      What tools integrate with Apollo?
      What tools integrate with AWS AppSync?

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      What are some alternatives to Apollo and AWS AppSync?
      Helios is a Docker orchestration platform for deploying and managing containers across an entire fleet of servers. Helios provides a HTTP API as well as a command-line client to interact with servers running your containers.
      GraphQL is a data query language and runtime designed and used at Facebook to request and deliver data to mobile and web apps since 2012.
      Python is a general purpose programming language created by Guido Van Rossum. Python is most praised for its elegant syntax and readable code, if you are just beginning your programming career python suits you best.
      Never again communicate with your data store using an imperative API. Simply declare your data requirements using GraphQL and let Relay figure out how and when to fetch your data.
      Heroku is a cloud application platform – a new way of building and deploying web apps. Heroku lets app developers spend 100% of their time on their application code, not managing servers, deployment, ongoing operations, or scaling.
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      How developers use Apollo and AWS AppSync
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      jasonmjohnson uses ApolloApollo

      Apollo will be used to make requests to the GraphQL server and manage data handling/caching of responses.

      How much does Apollo cost?
      How much does AWS AppSync cost?
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