App Annie vs. appFigures

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What is App Annie?

Annie takes care of all the Math Behind The App Stores keeping you up-to-date with your own app's metrics and the latest app store trends. Annie provides three fabulous products for her fans: Analytics, Store Stats, Intelligence.

What is appFigures?

App store intelligence for app developers, marketers, and other spectators. Sales and download tracking, ad analytics, app store reviews, app store ranks and top charts, and more.

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Why do developers choose App Annie?
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Why do developers choose appFigures?
Why do you like appFigures?

What are the cons of using App Annie?
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Downsides of App Annie?

What are the cons of using appFigures?
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Downsides of appFigures?

How much does App Annie cost?
App Annie Pricing
How much does appFigures cost?
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What companies use App Annie?
17 companies on StackShare use App Annie
What companies use appFigures?
2 companies on StackShare use appFigures
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What tools integrate with appFigures?
4 tools on StackShare integrate with appFigures

What are some alternatives to App Annie and appFigures?

  • Sensor Tower - Get more users for your Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Action - The most comprehensive App Store analytics, for free
  • StoreMaven - Leading platform for testing App Store and Google Play marketing assets

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