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Appcircle vs CodeMagic: What are the differences?

  1. Pricing Model: Appcircle offers a flexible pricing model with four different plans, including a free plan, while CodeMagic has a fixed pricing model with three plans starting from a certain price.
  2. Supported Platforms: Appcircle supports a wide range of platforms including iOS, Android, web, and macOS, whereas CodeMagic focuses on supporting only iOS and Android platforms.
  3. Build Configurations: Appcircle allows users to create custom build configurations with a wide range of options, including different SDK versions, build types, and build flavors, whereas CodeMagic has limited options for build configurations.
  4. Integration with Third-Party Services: Appcircle offers extensive integration capabilities with popular third-party services such as Bitbucket, GitHub, and Slack, enabling seamless automation and collaboration, while CodeMagic has limited integrations.
  5. Testing Capabilities: Appcircle provides comprehensive testing capabilities including unit testing, UI testing, and regression testing, whereas CodeMagic focuses primarily on the build and deployment process rather than testing.
  6. Support: Appcircle offers 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and phone, ensuring prompt assistance for any issues or queries, while CodeMagic provides support mainly through email and community forums.

In Summary, Appcircle provides a more flexible pricing model, supports a wider range of platforms, offers more options for build configurations, extensive integration with third-party services, comprehensive testing capabilities, and 24/7 customer support compared to CodeMagic.

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Pros of Appcircle
Pros of Codemagic
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      Apple Developer Portal integration
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      Flutter support
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      Fast and great support
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      500 free build minutes/month
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      Fast builds
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      Bitbucket integration
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      GitLab integration
    • 1
      Github integration
    • 1
      Easy setup
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      Automatic iOS code signing
    • 1
      Newest Xcode version
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      Always up to date with the latest developer tools
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      Customisable workflows
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      CI/CD for Unity
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      Great for teams

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    What is Appcircle?

    Mobile CI/CD from small teams to on-premises Enterprise solutions, Appcircle is a mobile CI/CD platform that provides a fully automated environment to manage mobile app lifecycle end-to-end.

    What is Codemagic?

    Codemagic is the developer's favourite CI/CD tool for mobile app projects. Build your Android, iOS, React Native, Ionic, Unity and Flutter projects on Codemagic.

    Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

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