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AppSignal vs Skylight: What are the differences?

AppSignal: Monitoring for Ruby and Elixir. By developers, for developers. AppSignal gives you and your team alerts and detailed metrics about your Ruby or Elixir application Sensible pricing, no aggressive sales & support by developers.; Skylight: The smart profiler for your Rails apps. Skylight is a smart profiler for your Rails apps that visualizes request performance across all of your servers.

AppSignal and Skylight can be categorized as "Performance Monitoring" tools.

Some of the features offered by AppSignal are:

  • Track errors
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Compare deploys. Monitor background jobs.

On the other hand, Skylight provides the following key features:

  • Skylight looks at how your code is behaving in production, alerting you to improvements you can make before they become showstoppers.
  • Skylight tells you exactly how your app is spending its time where it matters most—in your production environment
  • Pricing starts at $20 for the first million requests, with automatic discounts for high-volume customers

"Easy setup" is the top reason why over 5 developers like AppSignal, while over 10 developers mention "Beautiful UI" as the leading cause for choosing Skylight.

StackShare,, and Firecracker are some of the popular companies that use Skylight, whereas AppSignal is used by Publitas, Tolq, and inkl. Skylight has a broader approval, being mentioned in 39 company stacks & 5 developers stacks; compared to AppSignal, which is listed in 24 company stacks and 5 developer stacks.

Decisions about AppSignal and Skylight
Kamil Kowalski
Lead Architect at Fresha · | 3 upvotes · 140.3K views

Coming from a Ruby background, we've been users of New Relic for quite some time. When we adopted Elixir, the New Relic integration was young and missing essential features, so we gave AppSignal a try. It worked for quite some time, we even implemented a :telemetry reporter for AppSignal . But it was difficult to correlate data in two monitoring solutions, New Relic was undergoing a UI overhaul which made it difficult to use, and AppSignal was missing the flexibility we needed. We had some fans of Datadog, so we gave it a try and it worked out perfectly. Datadog works great with Ruby , Elixir , JavaScript , and has powerful features our engineers love to use (notebooks, dashboards, very flexible alerting). Cherry on top - thanks to the Datadog Terraform provider everything is written as code, allowing us to collaborate on our Datadog setup.

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