Terraform vs. Packer vs. Atlas

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What is Terraform?

With Terraform, you describe your complete infrastructure as code, even as it spans multiple service providers. Your servers may come from AWS, your DNS may come from CloudFlare, and your database may come from Heroku. Terraform will build all these resources across all these providers in parallel.

What is Packer?

Packer automates the creation of any type of machine image. It embraces modern configuration management by encouraging you to use automated scripts to install and configure the software within your Packer-made images.

What is Atlas?

Atlas is one foundation to manage and provide visibility to your servers, containers, VMs, configuration management, service discovery, and additional operations services.

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Why do developers choose Terraform?
Why do you like Terraform?

Why do developers choose Packer?
Why do you like Packer?

Why do developers choose Atlas?
Why do you like Atlas?


What are the cons of using Terraform?
No Cons submitted yet for Terraform
Downsides of Terraform?

What are the cons of using Packer?
No Cons submitted yet for Packer
Downsides of Packer?

What are the cons of using Atlas?
No Cons submitted yet for Atlas
Downsides of Atlas?


How much does Terraform cost?
How much does Packer cost?
How much does Atlas cost?


What companies use Terraform?
449 companies on StackShare use Terraform
What companies use Packer?
131 companies on StackShare use Packer
What companies use Atlas?
3 companies on StackShare use Atlas


What tools integrate with Terraform?
18 tools on StackShare integrate with Terraform
What tools integrate with Packer?
11 tools on StackShare integrate with Packer
No integrations listed yet

What are some alternatives to Terraform, Packer, and Atlas?

  • AWS CloudFormation - Create and manage a collection of related AWS resources
  • GeoEngineer - Ruby DSL and DSL (geo) to codify then plan and execute changes to cloud resources, by Coinbase
  • Habitat - Application Automation framework by Chef
  • Pulumi - Open-source cloud development platform

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