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Network Polygraph

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Add tool vs Network Polygraph: What are the differences? Blackfire Profiler automatically instruments your code to gather data about consumed server resources like memory, CPU time, and I/O. Blackfire achieves a new level of accuracy by aggregating several profile samples and getting rid of non relevant data. Get even deeper and review the interactions with your entire stack (SQL database engines, cache servers, ...); Network Polygraph: See what happens in your network. Instant deployment, no extra hardware. Simply export your router's stats to our cloud. All major vendors supported via NetFlow/sFlow/IPFIX/jFlow. and Network Polygraph can be primarily classified as "Performance Monitoring" tools.

Some of the features offered by are:

  • Profile a page at a mouse click thanks to the Blackfire web browser extension
  • Browse through the function calls and identify performance bottlenecks thanks to the Blackfire intuitive UI
  • Because Blackfire is only triggered when you profile a request, there is no overhead for other requests

On the other hand, Network Polygraph provides the following key features:

  • Applications
  • Protocols
  • Top Talkers
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Pros of
Pros of Network Polygraph
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    Deep insights into PHP request cycle
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    Performance profiling
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    Intuitive UI
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    Easy deployment
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    Great UI
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What is

Blackfire is a profiler which drills down to function/method call level to enable developers to understand and optimize their code's behaviour and performance. It works with no impact for end users on prod, integrates with CI/CD, and more.

What is Network Polygraph?

Simply export your router's stats to our cloud. All major vendors supported via NetFlow/sFlow/IPFIX/jFlow.

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