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Box vs Streem: What are the differences?


When considering cloud storage solutions, two popular options are Box and Streem. Both platforms offer secure storage and numerous features for collaboration and file sharing. However, there are key differences between the two that make them suitable for different types of users and organizations.

  1. Storage Limit: One of the main differences between Box and Streem is the storage limit provided to users. Box typically offers tiered plans with set storage limits, ranging from a few gigabytes to unlimited storage for enterprise users. On the other hand, Streem offers a unique "infinite storage" model, where users can access as much storage as needed without worrying about hitting a limit.

  2. File Access: Another important difference is how files are accessed on each platform. Box requires users to download files to their device to access them, which can take up valuable storage space and create potential versioning issues. Streem, however, allows users to stream files directly from the cloud without downloading, saving storage space and ensuring users always have access to the most up-to-date version.

  3. Integration with Third-Party Apps: Box has a robust ecosystem of third-party integrations that offer users the ability to connect their Box account with various apps and services for enhanced functionality. Streem, on the other hand, may have limited integrations due to its focus on providing a seamless and streamlined storage experience without the need for external apps.

  4. Security Features: Both Box and Streem prioritize security, but they differ in their approach. Box offers comprehensive security features such as encryption, access controls, and compliance certifications to ensure data protection. Streem, while also focusing on security, emphasizes its unique "zero-knowledge encryption" model, which means that only the user has access to their data, adding an extra layer of privacy and security.

  5. Collaboration Tools: Box is known for its robust collaboration tools, including real-time editing, commenting, and task assignments within the platform. Streem, while offering some collaboration features, may not be as extensive as Box in this regard, making it better suited for individual users or smaller teams who don't require advanced collaboration functionalities.

  6. Pricing Structure: The pricing structure of Box and Streem also sets them apart. Box typically offers a subscription-based model with monthly or annual plans, while Streem may have a different pricing structure based on the "infinite storage" model or unique features it offers. Users should consider their budget and storage needs when choosing between the two platforms.

In Summary, the key differences between Box and Streem lie in storage limits, file access methods, integration with third-party apps, security features, collaboration tools, and pricing structure. Each platform caters to different user requirements and preferences, so it's essential to evaluate these differences to determine the best fit for your cloud storage needs.

Decisions about Box and Streem
Pascal Vuylsteler

Key criteria for that choice. I needed a collaborative backup tool for a 15 people team. All people would have access to both their individual private space that should synchronize automatically to/from their desktop and various shared spaces, with various kinds of access rights. Only Box would allow high fine tuning of the access rights. Multi-platform was important too. The ease to transfer ownership of a folder from one departing colleague to their N+1 was a real plus.

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Pros of Box
Pros of Streem
  • 8
    Easy to work with
  • 6
    Shared file hosting
  • 6
    Great API
  • 5
    Ability to see who has downloaded the file you sent
  • 4
    No brainer
  • 4
    Integration with external services
  • 3
    Great web UI
  • 3
  • 2
    Custom branding
  • 2
  • 1
    Clean Interface
  • 1
  • 1
    Unlimited storage
  • 1
    Apps for many devices
  • 1
    Native apps on most platforms

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What is Box?

The Box API gives you access to the content management features you see in our web app and lets you extend them for use in your own app. It strives to be RESTful and is organized around the main resources you’re familiar with from the Box web interface.

What is Streem?

Unlike other cloud storage tools, Streem takes up no space on your computer, but still gives you instant access to your files without any lag. All media on Streem is converted on-the-fly so you can access it seamlessly regardless of the device or bandwidth.

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