npm vs. Browserify

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What is npm?

npm is the command-line interface to the npm ecosystem. It is battle-tested, surprisingly flexible, and used by hundreds of thousands of JavaScript developers every day.

What is Browserify?

Browserify lets you require('modules') in the browser by bundling up all of your dependencies.

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Why do developers choose npm?
Why do you like npm?

Why do developers choose Browserify?
Why do you like Browserify?


What are the cons of using npm?
Downsides of npm?

What are the cons of using Browserify?
No Cons submitted yet for Browserify
Downsides of Browserify?


How much does npm cost?
How much does Browserify cost?


What companies use npm?
3000 companies on StackShare use npm
What companies use Browserify?
145 companies on StackShare use Browserify


What tools integrate with npm?
22 tools on StackShare integrate with npm
What tools integrate with Browserify?
2 tools on StackShare integrate with Browserify

What are some alternatives to npm and Browserify?

  • Bower - A package manager for the web
  • Yarn - A new package manager for JavaScript
  • RequireJS - JavaScript file and module loader
  • Component - Client package management for building better web applications

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