Jenkins vs. Travis CI vs. Buildkite

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What is Jenkins?

In a nutshell Jenkins CI is the leading open-source continuous integration server. Built with Java, it provides over 300 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project.

What is Travis CI?

Free for open source projects, our CI environment provides multiple runtimes (e.g. Node.js or PHP versions), data stores and so on. Because of this, hosting your project on means you can effortlessly test your library or applications against multiple runtimes and data stores without even having all of them installed locally.

What is Buildkite?

CI and build automation tool that combines the power of your own build infrastructure with the convenience of a managed, centralized web UI. Used by Shopify, Basecamp, Digital Ocean, Venmo, Cochlear, Bugsnag and more.

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Why do developers choose Jenkins?
Why do you like Jenkins?

Why do developers choose Travis CI?
Why do you like Travis CI?

Why do developers choose Buildkite?
Why do you like Buildkite?

What are the cons of using Jenkins?
Downsides of Jenkins?

What are the cons of using Travis CI?
Downsides of Travis CI?

What are the cons of using Buildkite?
No Cons submitted yet for Buildkite
Downsides of Buildkite?

How much does Jenkins cost?
How much does Travis CI cost?
Travis CI Pricing
How much does Buildkite cost?
Buildkite Pricing
What companies use Jenkins?
2197 companies on StackShare use Jenkins
What companies use Travis CI?
876 companies on StackShare use Travis CI
What companies use Buildkite?
46 companies on StackShare use Buildkite
What tools integrate with Jenkins?
61 tools on StackShare integrate with Jenkins
What tools integrate with Travis CI?
45 tools on StackShare integrate with Travis CI
What tools integrate with Buildkite?
14 tools on StackShare integrate with Buildkite

What are some alternatives to Jenkins, Travis CI, and Buildkite?

  • CircleCI - CircleCI’s continuous integration and delivery platform helps software teams rapidly release code with confidence.
  • Codeship - Codeship is a Continuous Integration Platform in the cloud.
  • GitLab CI - GitLab has integrated CI to test, build and deploy your code
  • TeamCity - TeamCity is an ultimate Continuous Integration tool for professionals

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Jenkins is accepted to Google Summer Of Code 2019!
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Sean Robertson
Sean Robertson
Senior Software Engineer at Improbable · | 7 upvotes · 843 views

I use Buildkite because it's the only CI system I've found that strikes a reasonable balance between flexibility and usability. You can accomplish pretty much any standard CI task out of the box with a simple, easy to understand interface and sane defaults, while the hooks and pipeline systems offer enough configurability to rival Jenkins - but without the misery that using Jenkins is certain to entail.

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I use Buildkite because it balances enormous flexibility with easy out of the box configuration. We use it for everything from automating builds (which involves running huge test suites where the parallel builds feature is invaluable) to doing nightly batch jobs for our production environment. Super flexible, amazing tool

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