Neo4j vs. Cayley

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What is Neo4j?

Neo4j stores data in nodes connected by directed, typed relationships with properties on both, also known as a Property Graph. It is a high performance graph store with all the features expected of a mature and robust database, like a friendly query language and ACID transactions.

What is Cayley?

Cayley is an open-source graph inspired by the graph database behind Freebase and Google's Knowledge Graph. Its goal is to be a part of the developer's toolbox where Linked Data and graph-shaped data (semantic webs, social networks, etc) in general are concerned.

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Why do developers choose Neo4j?
Why do you like Neo4j?

Why do developers choose Cayley?
Why do you like Cayley?

What are the cons of using Neo4j?
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Downsides of Neo4j?

What are the cons of using Cayley?
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Downsides of Cayley?

How much does Neo4j cost?
How much does Cayley cost?
What companies use Neo4j?
146 companies on StackShare use Neo4j
What companies use Cayley?
0 companies on StackShare use Cayley
What tools integrate with Neo4j?
4 tools on StackShare integrate with Neo4j
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What are some alternatives to Neo4j and Cayley?

  • Dgraph - Fast, Distributed Graph DB
  • Titan - Distributed Graph Database
  • RedisGraph - A High Performance In-Memory Graph Database as a Redis Module
  • Graph Engine - RAM Store + Computation Engine + Graph Model (by Microsoft)

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