Chartbeat vs. Reinvigorate

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What is Chartbeat?

Chartbeat provides realtime analytics to Websites and blogs, and shows visitors, load times, and referring sites on a minute-by-minute basis.

What is Reinvigorate?

Reinvigorate is a unique, real-time web analytics system leveraging some of today’s most advanced open-source technology to give you the best-looking and easiest to use analytics platform available.

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Why do developers choose Chartbeat?
Why do you like Chartbeat?

Why do developers choose Reinvigorate?
Why do you like Reinvigorate?


What are the cons of using Chartbeat?
No Cons submitted yet for Chartbeat
Downsides of Chartbeat?

What are the cons of using Reinvigorate?
No Cons submitted yet for Reinvigorate
Downsides of Reinvigorate?


How much does Chartbeat cost?
Chartbeat Pricing
How much does Reinvigorate cost?
Reinvigorate Pricing


What companies use Chartbeat?
227 companies on StackShare use Chartbeat
What companies use Reinvigorate?
5 companies on StackShare use Reinvigorate


What tools integrate with Chartbeat?
3 tools on StackShare integrate with Chartbeat
No integrations listed yet

What are some alternatives to Chartbeat and Reinvigorate?

  • Gauges - Analyze all Your Traffic in Seconds
  • GoSquared - Real-time analytics for your website, from GoSquared.

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