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Codacy vs Codecov: What are the differences?

Codacy: Automated Code Review. Codacy is an automated code review tool for Scala, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Python, CoffeeScript and CSS. It's continuous static analysis without the hassle. Save time in Code Reviews. Tackle your technical debt; Codecov: Hosted coverage reports with awesome features to enhance your CI workflow. Our patrons rave about our elegant coverage reports, integrated pull request comments, interactive commit graphs, our Chrome plugin and security.

Codacy and Codecov are primarily classified as "Code Review" and "Code Coverage" tools respectively.

Some of the features offered by Codacy are:

  • Monitoring of Technical Debt
  • Automated Code Review
  • New and Fixed Issues per commit

On the other hand, Codecov provides the following key features:

  • Beautiful Reports
  • Pull Request Comments
  • Interactive Commit Graphs

"Automated code review" is the primary reason why developers consider Codacy over the competitors, whereas "More stable than coveralls" was stated as the key factor in picking Codecov.

Repro, ContentSquare, and Talkable are some of the popular companies that use Codecov, whereas Codacy is used by Codacy, InstaGIS, and DocEngage. Codecov has a broader approval, being mentioned in 49 company stacks & 29 developers stacks; compared to Codacy, which is listed in 44 company stacks and 23 developer stacks.

Decisions about Codacy and Codecov

My website is brand new and one of the few requirements of testings I had to implement was code coverage. Never though it was so hard to implement using a #docker container. Given my lack of experience, every attempt I tried on making a simple code coverage test using the 4 combinations of #TravisCI, #CircleCi with #Coveralls, #Codecov I failed. The main problem was I was generating the .coverage file within the docker container and couldn't access it with #TravisCi or #CircleCi, every attempt to solve this problem seems to be very hacky and this was not the kind of complexity I want to introduce to my newborn website. This problem was solved using a specific action for #GitHubActions, it was a 3 line solution I had to put in my github workflow file and I was able to access the .coverage file from my docker container and get the coverage report with #Codecov.

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