Eclipse Che vs. Codio

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What is Eclipse Che?

Eclipse Che is the only open source cloud IDE with RESTful workspaces and Docker-based machines. It's as powerful as it sounds.

What is Codio?

Every project gets its own Box: an instantly available server-side development environment with full terminal access. With features such as forking, collaboration, importing from Git repos and more, Codio strives to remove as many barriers as possible to create a platform developers will enjoy using as their IDE of choice.

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What are some alternatives to Eclipse Che and Codio?

  • Cloud9 IDE - Your development environment, in the cloud
  • Codenvy - Cloud workspaces for development teams.
  • Koding - A new way for developers to work.
  • Codeanywhere - Online code editor, available on iOS, Android and more. Integrates with GitHub and Dropbox

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