Conan vs. git-fastclone

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What is Conan?

Install or build your own packages for any platform. Conan also allows you to run your own server easily from the command line.

What is git-fastclone?

It creates a reference repo with git clone --mirror in /var/tmp/git-fastclone/reference for each repository and git submodule linked in the main repo. You can control where it puts these by changing the REFERENCE_REPO_DIR environment variable.
Why do developers choose Conan?
Why do you like Conan?

Why do developers choose git-fastclone?
Why do you like git-fastclone?

What are the cons of using Conan?
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Downsides of Conan?

What are the cons of using git-fastclone?
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Downsides of git-fastclone?