Kong vs. Istio vs. fabric8

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What is Kong?

Kong is a scalable, open source API Layer (also known as an API Gateway, or API Middleware). Kong controls layer 4 and 7 traffic and is extended through Plugins, which provide extra functionality and services beyond the core platform.

What is Istio?

Istio is an open platform for providing a uniform way to integrate microservices, manage traffic flow across microservices, enforce policies and aggregate telemetry data. Istio's control plane provides an abstraction layer over the underlying cluster management platform, such as Kubernetes, Mesos, etc.

What is fabric8?

fabric8 makes it easy to create microservices, build, test and deploy them via Continuous Delivery pipelines then run and manage them with Continuous Improvement and ChatOps.
Why do developers choose Kong?
Why do you like Kong?

Why do developers choose Istio?
Why do you like Istio?

Why do developers choose fabric8?
Why do you like fabric8?

What are the cons of using Kong?
No Cons submitted yet for Kong
Downsides of Kong?

What are the cons of using Istio?
No Cons submitted yet for Istio
Downsides of Istio?

What are the cons of using fabric8?
No Cons submitted yet for fabric8
Downsides of fabric8?

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How much does Kong cost?
How much does Istio cost?
How much does fabric8 cost?
What companies use Kong?
66 companies on StackShare use Kong
What companies use Istio?
31 companies on StackShare use Istio
What companies use fabric8?
1 companies on StackShare use fabric8
What tools integrate with Kong?
8 tools on StackShare integrate with Kong
What tools integrate with Istio?
5 tools on StackShare integrate with Istio
What tools integrate with fabric8?
3 tools on StackShare integrate with fabric8

What are some alternatives to Kong, Istio, and fabric8?

  • Express Gateway - An open source API gateway for microservices built on Express.js
  • linkerd - Twitter-Style Operability for Microservices
  • seneca - A Micro-Services toolkit for Node.js
  • Micro - A microservice toolkit

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