Gauges vs. GoSquared

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What is Gauges?

Collect and analyze your web traffic for all your sites in real-time using our fast, reliable, hosted system. See overview data for all your sites on a single page.

What is GoSquared?

The GoSquared dashboard provides you with an overview of all the most important metrics behind your site’s traffic. From source information to visitor count, and from a dynamic timeline to engagement metrics, the dashboard is simple-to-read and accessed in one.

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Why do developers choose Gauges?
Why do you like Gauges?

Why do developers choose GoSquared?
Why do you like GoSquared?


What are the cons of using Gauges?
No Cons submitted yet for Gauges
Downsides of Gauges?

What are the cons of using GoSquared?
No Cons submitted yet for GoSquared
Downsides of GoSquared?


How much does Gauges cost?
Gauges Pricing
How much does GoSquared cost?
GoSquared Pricing


What companies use Gauges?
33 companies on StackShare use Gauges
What companies use GoSquared?
15 companies on StackShare use GoSquared


What tools integrate with Gauges?
1 tools on StackShare integrate with Gauges
What tools integrate with GoSquared?
12 tools on StackShare integrate with GoSquared

What are some alternatives to Gauges and GoSquared?

  • Chartbeat - Real-time site data for front-line action takers.
  • Reinvigorate - Measure, analyze, evolve. Simple, real-time web analytics + heatmaps.

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