Google Cloud SQL vs. TrueVault

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What is Google Cloud SQL?

MySQL databases deployed in the cloud without a fuss. Google Cloud Platform provides you with powerful databases that run fast, don’t run out of space and give your application the redundant, reliable storage it needs.

What is TrueVault?

TrueVault was built to help startups simplify the complexities of HIPAA. TrueVault will save you hundreds of dev hours. Focus on building your software's core functionality, and let TrueVault protect your data at HIPAA-security levels.

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45 Companies Using Google Cloud SQL
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What are some alternatives to Google Cloud SQL and TrueVault?

  • Amazon RDS - Set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud.
  • Amazon RDS for Aurora - MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible relational database with several times better performance
  • ClearDB - Fault tolerant database-as-a-service in the cloud for your MySQL powered applications.
  • Azure Database for MySQL - Managed MySQL database service for app developers

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