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GraphQL Ruby vs Prisma: What are the differences?

### Introduction
In this Markdown, we will focus on highlighting the key differences between GraphQL Ruby and Prisma.

1. **Language Support**: GraphQL Ruby primarily supports the Ruby programming language, allowing developers to write GraphQL schemas in Ruby syntax. On the other hand, Prisma supports multiple languages including TypeScript, JavaScript, Go, and others, providing flexibility to developers in choosing the language they are most comfortable with.
2. **Deployment Options**: GraphQL Ruby requires setting up and maintaining servers to host the GraphQL API, which can be a more involved process. In contrast, Prisma simplifies deployment by offering a cloud-based hosting solution, reducing the operational overhead for developers.
3. **Schema Management**: GraphQL Ruby relies on manual schema definitions within the Ruby codebase, which can lead to potential inconsistencies and errors. Prisma, on the other hand, uses a declarative data model that automatically generates a GraphQL schema based on the defined data model, ensuring consistency and reducing the likelihood of schema-related issues.
4. **Integration with Databases**: GraphQL Ruby provides support for integrating with various databases but requires additional setup and configuration to establish database connections. Prisma, by design, seamlessly connects to databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite, simplifying the database integration process for developers.
5. **Real-time capabilities**: GraphQL Ruby lacks built-in real-time capabilities, requiring additional libraries or frameworks to implement real-time functionality. Prisma, with its subscriptions feature, offers real-time capabilities out of the box, enabling developers to easily implement real-time updates in their applications.
6. **Community and Ecosystem**: GraphQL Ruby has a smaller community and ecosystem compared to Prisma, which has gained traction and support from a larger developer community. This broader ecosystem often translates to more resources, tools, and community support available for developers using Prisma.

### Summary
In summary, GraphQL Ruby and Prisma differ in language support, deployment options, schema management, integration with databases, real-time capabilities, and community/ecosystem size.
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Pros of GraphQL Ruby
Pros of Prisma
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    • 12
      Type-safe database access
    • 10
      Open Source
    • 8
      Auto-generated query builder
    • 6
      Supports multible database systems
    • 6
      Increases confidence during development
    • 4
      Built specifically for Postgres and TypeScript
    • 4
      Productive application development
    • 2
      Supports multible RDBMSs
    • 2
      Robust migrations system

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    Cons of GraphQL Ruby
    Cons of Prisma
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        Doesn't support downward/back migrations
      • 1
        Doesn't support JSONB
      • 1
        Do not support JSONB
      • 1
        Mutation of JSON is really confusing
      • 1
        Do not support JSONB

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      What is GraphQL Ruby?

      Get going fast with the graphql gem, battle-tested and trusted by GitHub and Shopify.

      What is Prisma?

      Prisma is an open-source database toolkit. It replaces traditional ORMs and makes database access easy with an auto-generated query builder for TypeScript & Node.js.

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