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What is is a SaaS platform to automate your incident response. It integrates with your monitoring and alerting tools like NewRelic, Nagios, Pagerduty, CloudWatch etc. and lets you automate the remediation easily and much more.

What is Gunnery?

If your application is divided into multiple servers, you are probably connecting to them via ssh and executing over and over the same commands. Clearing caches, restarting services, backups, checking health. Wouldn't it be cool if you could do that from browser or smartphone? Gunnery is here for you!

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What are some alternatives to and Gunnery?

  • StackStorm - Open Source IFTTT for Ops: event-driven automation, security responses, auto-remediation with workflow engine & ChatOps.
  • Runbook - Infrastructure Monitoring with Automated Remediation

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