Hubot vs. Lita vs. HubCommander

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What is Hubot?

Hubot is a chat bot, modeled after GitHub's Campfire bot, hubot. He's pretty cool. He's extendable with old community scripts, or new community org and your own custom scripts, and can work on many different chat services.

What is Lita?

Lita is a chat bot written in Ruby with persistent storage provided by Redis. It uses a plugin system to connect to different chat services and to provide new behavior. The plugin system uses the familiar tools of the Ruby ecosystem: RubyGems and Bundler.

What is HubCommander?

HubCommander provides a chat-ops means for managing GitHub organizations. It creates a simple way to perform privileged GitHub organization management tasks without granting administrative or owner privileges to your GitHub organization members.
Why do developers choose Hubot?
Why do you like Hubot?

Why do developers choose Lita?
Why do you like Lita?

Why do developers choose HubCommander?
Why do you like HubCommander?

What are the cons of using Hubot?
No Cons submitted yet for Hubot
Downsides of Hubot?

What are the cons of using Lita?
No Cons submitted yet for Lita
Downsides of Lita?

What are the cons of using HubCommander?
No Cons submitted yet for HubCommander
Downsides of HubCommander?

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What companies use Hubot?
66 companies on StackShare use Hubot
What companies use Lita?
3 companies on StackShare use Lita
What companies use HubCommander?
1 companies on StackShare use HubCommander
What tools integrate with Hubot?
7 tools on StackShare integrate with Hubot
What tools integrate with Lita?
19 tools on StackShare integrate with Lita
What tools integrate with HubCommander?
3 tools on StackShare integrate with HubCommander

What are some alternatives to Hubot, Lita, and HubCommander?

  • Nestor - Hosted Hubot for Slack
  • Pagerbot - Manage Pagerduty on-call schedules from within your internal chat channels
  • Securitybot - Distributed alerting chat bot via Slack (by Dropbox)

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