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Intercom vs Pendo: What are the differences?

Key Differences between Intercom and Pendo

  1. Product Focus: Intercom primarily focuses on providing customer communication and engagement tools such as live chat, help center, and targeted messaging. On the other hand, Pendo specializes in product analytics and user behavior insights to help companies improve user experience and drive product adoption.

  2. Features: Intercom offers features like conversational support, customer data platform, and marketing automation. In contrast, Pendo offers product usage analytics, in-app guidance, and user feedback collection tools to understand user behavior within the product.

  3. Target Audience: Intercom caters to businesses looking to improve customer communication and support, mainly focused on sales and marketing teams. Pendo targets product managers and product teams seeking insights into how users are interacting with their products to make data-driven decisions.

  4. Integration Capabilities: Intercom integrates well with various CRM, marketing automation, and help desk tools to provide a holistic view of customer interactions. Pendo, on the other hand, offers seamless integrations with common product management and analytics tools to enhance user experience data collection and analysis.

  5. Customization Options: Intercom allows for extensive customization of messaging and communication workflows to suit different business needs and customer journeys. In comparison, Pendo provides customizable in-app guides, feature announcements, and surveys to tailor the user experience within the product.

  6. Pricing Model: Intercom offers pricing based on the number of users or conversations, making it suitable for businesses of various sizes. Pendo typically charges based on the number of monthly active users, targeting companies with specific product metrics and user engagement goals.

In Summary, the key differences between Intercom and Pendo lie in their product focus, features, target audience, integration capabilities, customization options, and pricing models.

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Pros of Intercom
Pros of Pendo
  • 168
    Know who your users are
  • 115
  • 107
    In-app messaging as well as email
  • 88
    Customer support
  • 68
    Usage tracking
  • 18
    Great Blog
  • 11
    Organized engagement, great ui & service
  • 9
    Direct chat with customers on your site
  • 4
    Very helpful
  • 3
    Onboarding new users
  • 2
  • 2
    No Mac app
  • 2
    Free tier
  • 2
    Filter and segment users
  • 2
    Github integration
  • 2
    Very Useful
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    Cons of Intercom
    Cons of Pendo
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      Changes pricing model all the time
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      What is Intercom?

      Intercom is a customer communication platform with a suite of integrated products for every team—including sales, marketing, product, and support. Have targeted communication with customers on your website, inside apps, and by email.

      What is Pendo?

      Use Pendo to create more engaging products. With absolutely no coding, understand everything your customers do in your product and use in-app messages to increase engagement.

      Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

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