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What is Layer?

Layer's asynchronous messaging fabric is capable of transporting payloads of any type. Get your users talking with chat, voice or video messaging. Pull them back in with push. Connect friends, colleagues or perfect strangers seamlessly.

What is OpenTok?

OpenTok adds the clarity and emotion of face-to-face communication to your brand whether you're developing for the web, iOS, or Android. We make the integration of high-quality live video a breeze so that you can focus on building a great product.

What is QuickBlox?

Add powerful communication features to your mobile app and data services for your backend<br>

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          What are some alternatives to Layer, OpenTok, and QuickBlox?
          Layers is a WordPress Theme framework focused on extending the WordPress core functionality to include layout building through the WordPress Visual Customizer. A lightweight set of base options, widgets and theme templates provide a user-friendly, extensible tool for creating beautiful, WordPress-faithful websites.
          API management, design, analytics, and security are at the heart of modern digital architecture. The Apigee intelligent API platform is a complete solution for moving business to the digital world.
          SendBird is a Messaging SDK, Chat API, and fully managed chat infrastructure for your mobile apps and websites. Embeddable chat for iOS, Android, JavaScript, Unity, .NET.
          Twilio API for WhatsApp
          The Twilio API for WhatsApp provides developers all over the world with a simple, reliable, and officially supported way to use the WhatsApp Business API. They can now easily build messaging experiences that combine the ease of use of the Programmable SMS API with the global reach of WhatsApp.
          Sinch makes it easy for developers to add voice, messaging and SMS to their apps with just a few lines of code. Enrich your apps with communications that your users will love.
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