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Mailform vs What are the differences?

Mailform: Print and Mail in bulk from your browser. Send snail mail right from your browser (via USPS First Class Mail or Certified Mail); Beautiful documentation made easy. Collaborative Developer Hubs.

Mailform belongs to "Printing API" category of the tech stack, while can be primarily classified under "Documentation as a Service & Tools".

Some of the features offered by Mailform are:

  • Upload Documents
  • Set Addresses
  • Get Delivery Confirmation

On the other hand, provides the following key features:

  • Collaboration - Crowdsource your docs! Users can keep docs current by suggesting changes.
  • API Explorer - Let users play with your API right inside the documentation.
  • GitHub Sync - Keep auto-generated reference docs synced with your actual code.
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What is Mailform?

Send snail mail right from your browser (via USPS First Class Mail or Certified Mail).

What is

Collaborative Developer Hubs
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Why do developers choose Mailform?
Why do developers choose
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          The simplest way to integrate printing into your applications.
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          I cannot stress enough how important it is for companies to avoid

          There is no accountability from their team when their service encounters serious errors. For weeks now, the service has been throwing internal server errors which were caught by monitoring tools.

          In reaching out to support, the only information they ever gave was "Thank you" and a link to their status page. The status page does not reflect the fact the services is severely depredated and any further attempts over the past 14 days to reach support have been met with total silence.

          Then there was an exchange with their CEO on Twitter who seemed like they may try to get us some sort of response or RFO, but that has also been met with silence after submitting exactly what was requested.

          If you value the ability for your customers to reach your API Documents, then do not use



          A pretty UI and the right combination of tools (tutorial section, API documentation, announcements) does not make up for consistently slow and buggy experience. As the amount of stored documentation grows, the app becomes more and more unreliable about saving changes, and for complex, in-depth documentation, the anchor tagging system is terrible, leading to false redirects. Multiple times, I have lost everything I've worked on, and the support service is terrible, even at the enterprise level. Other times, my changes are being saved, even though the app tells me they are not. I do not recommend this service for any company with lots of documentation.

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          Used for + open source documentation of Cast.

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