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Nuclide vs WebStorm: What are the differences?

What is Nuclide? An open IDE for web and native mobile development, built on top of Atom (by Facebook). A unified developer experience for web and mobile development, built as a suite of packages on top of Atom to provide hackability and the support of an active community.

What is WebStorm? The smartest JavaScript IDE. WebStorm is a lightweight and intelligent IDE for front-end development and server-side JavaScript.

Nuclide and WebStorm can be categorized as "Integrated Development Environment" tools.

Some of the features offered by Nuclide are:

  • Remote development. At Facebook, our web and back-end engineers work on remote development servers in our data centers. Nuclide provides a pair of packages that allow connections over SSH to a lightweight node daemon on the server, making possible remote file editing and syntax/type validation. Of course, this also works for VMs, enabling local development on HHVM, for example.
  • Hack language support. The Hack codebase is one of the largest at Facebook. First-class Hack support — including syntax highlighting, type-checking, autocomplete, and click-to-symbol features — has been an important requirement on Nuclide from the start. We're also excited that the growing Hack community outside the company will be able to enjoy dedicated IDE support.
  • Flow support. For both local and remote JavaScript development, Flow has brought type integrity and the ability to quickly refactor our React components and apps. As it does for Hack, Nuclide supports Flow-specific decorations and editor features in @flow-annotated files.

On the other hand, WebStorm provides the following key features:

  • Coding assistance for JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Support for React and Angular
  • Built-in debugger for client-side JavaScript and Node.js

"Remote development with SSH" is the primary reason why developers consider Nuclide over the competitors, whereas "Intelligent ide " was stated as the key factor in picking WebStorm.

Nuclide is an open source tool with 8K GitHub stars and 747 GitHub forks. Here's a link to Nuclide's open source repository on GitHub.

According to the StackShare community, WebStorm has a broader approval, being mentioned in 463 company stacks & 435 developers stacks; compared to Nuclide, which is listed in 8 company stacks and 5 developer stacks.

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What is Nuclide?

A unified developer experience for web and mobile development, built as a suite of packages on top of Atom to provide hackability and the support of an active community.

What is WebStorm?

WebStorm is a lightweight and intelligent IDE for front-end development and server-side JavaScript.

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Why do developers choose WebStorm?
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What are the cons of using WebStorm?
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      What are some alternatives to Nuclide and WebStorm?
      At GitHub, we're building the text editor we've always wanted. A tool you can customize to do anything, but also use productively on the first day without ever touching a config file. Atom is modern, approachable, and hackable to the core. We can't wait to see what you build with it.
      A collection of Atom UIs to support language services as part of Atom IDE, designed for use with packages built on top of atom-languageclient.
      Standard Eclipse package suited for Java and plug-in development plus adding new plugins; already includes Git, Marketplace Client, source code and developer documentation. Click here to file a bug against Eclipse Platform.
      You can get started right away on your React Native project by installing Deco and creating a new project — it's fast and there's no manual setup needed. File scaffolding handles your boilerplate. Ready-made components drop right into your code. Properties are graphically editable through the property inspector. It's an entirely new way to write, tweak, and re-use code.
      IntelliJ IDEA
      Out of the box, IntelliJ IDEA provides a comprehensive feature set including tools and integrations with the most important modern technologies and frameworks for enterprise and web development with Java, Scala, Groovy and other languages.
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      How developers use Nuclide and WebStorm
      Avatar of Cloudcraft
      Cloudcraft uses WebStormWebStorm

      WebStorm is the best IDE hands-down for JavaScript developers. Yes, there's more lightweight editors (and nothing beats vim when debugging remotely), but the sheer productivity of WebStorm is unparalleled. React/JSX support? Check. ES2015 support? You bet. Node.js profiling? Yes! Look, if you can't rename a class or variable reliably across a JavaScript project, follow references, debug (without console logs) your editor sucks. Don't use a editor that sucks, use WebStorm!

      Avatar of GHA Technologies
      GHA Technologies uses WebStormWebStorm

      For all our team's coding because of its support of core libraries like angular and ruby on rails

      Avatar of Promethean TV
      Promethean TV uses WebStormWebStorm

      IDE used for development of various web applications and services at Promethean.

      Avatar of Coolfront Technologies
      Coolfront Technologies uses WebStormWebStorm

      Developer's use for editing and developing Javascript projects.

      Avatar of Riderman De Sousa Barbosa
      Riderman De Sousa Barbosa uses WebStormWebStorm

      We just use because we love it :)... but is not required.

      Avatar of Paul Rubritz
      Paul Rubritz uses NuclideNuclide

      For development/debugging.

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