OVH vs. Rackspace OnMetal vs. WiredTree

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What is OVH?

Hundreds of new servers are installed in our 12 datacenters everyday. For our clients, this guarantees bare-metal resources accessible in less than an hour, and the liberty to use it to rollout the software of their choice. The many functions available on our dedicated servers allow our clients to manage their infrastructure autonomously.

What is Rackspace OnMetal?

OnMetal servers are single-tenant, bare-metal servers provisioned via the same OpenStack API as our cloud. They can be spun up as quickly as VMs to offer the agility of multi-tenant environments with the performance of single-tenant hardware. OnMetal servers are our own design and are engineered in a highly opinionated way. We’ve made them 100 percent solid-state with external cooling, leading to increased mean time between failures (MTBF). They are also incredibly large, so you’ll need fewer of them.

What is WiredTree?

We custom build your server by hand and manage it onsite and in person. Whatever your business requires, we give you a tailored hosting solution.


Why do developers choose OVH?
  • Why do you like OVH?

    Why do developers choose Rackspace OnMetal?
    Why do you like Rackspace OnMetal?

    Why do developers choose WiredTree?
    Why do you like WiredTree?


    What are the cons of using OVH?
    No Cons submitted yet for OVH
    Downsides of OVH?

    What are the cons of using Rackspace OnMetal?
    No Cons submitted yet for Rackspace OnMetal
    Downsides of Rackspace OnMetal?

    What are the cons of using WiredTree?
    No Cons submitted yet for WiredTree
    Downsides of WiredTree?


    How much does OVH cost?
    OVH Pricing
    How much does Rackspace OnMetal cost?
    Rackspace OnMetal Pricing
    How much does WiredTree cost?


    What companies use OVH?
    60 companies on StackShare use OVH
    What companies use Rackspace OnMetal?
    5 companies on StackShare use Rackspace OnMetal
    What companies use WiredTree?
    1 companies on StackShare use WiredTree

    What are some alternatives to OVH, Rackspace OnMetal, and WiredTree?

    • SoftLayer - SoftLayer provides on-demand IT infrastructure, dedicated servers and cloud resources.
    • Hetzner Online AG - Dedicated Hosting and Colocation Racks
    • SingleHop - Enterprise-class, name-brand dedicated servers
    • - Dedicated servers tailored to fit every aspect of your business.

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