PonyDebugger vs. Reveal App

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What is PonyDebugger?

PonyDebugger is a remote debugging toolset. It is a client library and gateway server combination that uses Chrome Developer Tools on your browser to debug your application's network traffic and managed object contexts. To use PonyDebugger, you must implement the client in your application and connect it to the gateway server. There is currently an iOS client and the gateway server.

What is Reveal App?

Reveal brings the power of tools like Firebug and Web Inspector to iOS developers. See your application's view hierarchy at runtime with advanced 2D and 3D visualisations. Debug view layout and rendering problems in seconds.

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Why do developers choose PonyDebugger?
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Why do developers choose Reveal App?
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What are the cons of using PonyDebugger?
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Downsides of PonyDebugger?

What are the cons of using Reveal App?
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How much does PonyDebugger cost?
How much does Reveal App cost?


What companies use PonyDebugger?
1 companies on StackShare use PonyDebugger
What companies use Reveal App?
3 companies on StackShare use Reveal App

What are some alternatives to PonyDebugger and Reveal App?

  • Stetho - A new debugging platform for Android, built by Facebook
  • FLEX - In-app debugging tool for iOS, inspect and modify views in the hierarchy
  • Facebook Sonar - Extensible mobile app debugger

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