Posthaven vs. Tumblr

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What is Posthaven?

We need a good solid blog platform for ourselves, and we know our friends and colleagues need one too. That's why we started Posthaven. We're not going to show ads. We're not looking for investors. We're going to make money the best way we know how: charging for it. It will be everything you expect in a blog platform - simple and modern.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a feature rich and free blog hosting platform offering professional and fully customizable templates, bookmarklets, photos, mobile apps, and social network. The site now ranks as the 11th-largest in terms of traffic, according to Quantcast, with 170 million monthly visitors globally.

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Why do developers choose Posthaven?
Why do you like Posthaven?

Why do developers choose Tumblr?
Why do you like Tumblr?

What are the cons of using Posthaven?
No Cons submitted yet for Posthaven
Downsides of Posthaven?

What are the cons of using Tumblr?
No Cons submitted yet for Tumblr
Downsides of Tumblr?

What companies use Posthaven?
1 companies on StackShare use Posthaven
What companies use Tumblr?
53 companies on StackShare use Tumblr
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What tools integrate with Tumblr?
7 tools on StackShare integrate with Tumblr

What are some alternatives to Posthaven and Tumblr?

  • Medium - The perfect place to read and write.
  • Blogger - Create a blog. It's free.
  • Pantheon - The professional website platform for Drupal & WordPress sites.
  • WP Engine - Hassle-Free WordPress Hosting

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