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RevenueCat vs Qonversion: What are the differences?

Developers describe RevenueCat as "Simple API for managing in-app subscriptions". RevenueCat makes implementing in-app subscriptions fast and easy. It wraps the SDKs, provides the backend, verifies the purchases and keeps them up-to-date so you can get back to building your app. On the other hand, Qonversion is detailed as "Mobile analytics for app makers to power subscription revenue growth". SAAS for mobile apps to increase subscription revenue by marketing insights using integrations with app stores, ad platforms, and SDK. Understand the true LTV of subscription-based apps and feed data on high-value users back to advertising accounts to improve ads targeting.

RevenueCat and Qonversion can be categorized as "Payments Analytics" tools.

Some of the features offered by RevenueCat are:

  • SDKs for iOS, Android, ReactNative, and Unity
  • Hosted backend for receipt verification and tracking
  • Charts and analytics for churn and LTV

On the other hand, Qonversion provides the following key features:

  • Subscription analytics for iOS and Android apps
  • Real-time dashboards to track subscription performance
  • Send subscription data to advertising accounts and third-party analytics (Facebook Advertising, AppsFlyer, Amplitude, Mixpanel etc.)
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Pros of Qonversion
Pros of RevenueCat
  • 3
    Integration with Facebook Ads
  • 3
    Get data from app stores
  • 2
    Fair pricing
  • 2
    Send data to Amplitude
  • 1
    Dedicated support
  • 1
    In-app purchase infrastructure
  • 3
    Integration with Facebook Ads
  • 2
    View real time metrics
  • 2
    Get data from app stores
  • 2
    Send data to Amplitude
  • 1
    Integration with Apple Search Ads
  • 1
    Easy integration

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What is Qonversion?

Qonversion allows fast in-app subscription implementation. It provides the back-end infrastructure to validate user receipts and manage cross-platform user access to paid content on your app, so you do not need to build your own server.

What is RevenueCat?

RevenueCat is a scalable backend for in-app subscriptions and purchases. It provides all of the tools you need to build, analyze, and grow subscription apps on any platform.

Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

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What companies use RevenueCat?
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What tools integrate with Qonversion?
What tools integrate with RevenueCat?

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What are some alternatives to Qonversion and RevenueCat?
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Chargebee is a subscription billing platform that lets you bill, manage and understand your SaaS or subscription based eCommerce business easily.
A platform that takes makes it incredibly simple to sell apps, games and other digital products.  We think that creators should be allowed to focus on building awesome products, so we handle all of the boring things like payments, analytics, customer support and VAT so that they can do just that. Using Paddle's software development kits, developers can easily set up trial versions, licensing mechanisms, in-app purchases and even track performance & usage with Paddle’s in-app analytics technology -- all under a single dashboard.
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