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What is Smartling?

Smartling takes the complexity, cost and time out of the translation process by providing companies with an automated, cloud-based translation management platform and comprehensive translation services.

What is Transifex?

Transifex is a cloud-based localization platform built to help you manage the translation and localization of your app, website, video subtitles, and more. It acts as a repository for your content (think GitHub for translation) and includes tools for developers to get that content into Transifex automatically. Transifex also provides translators a web interface to submit translations.

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Why do developers choose Smartling?
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Why do developers choose Transifex?
Why do you like Transifex?


What are the cons of using Smartling?
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Downsides of Smartling?

What are the cons of using Transifex?
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How much does Smartling cost?
How much does Transifex cost?
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What companies use Smartling?
1 companies on StackShare use Smartling
What companies use Transifex?
15 companies on StackShare use Transifex


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What tools integrate with Transifex?
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What are some alternatives to Smartling and Transifex?

  • Crowdin - Localization Management Platform
  • PhraseApp - Translate your software better.
  • OneSky - Full Stack Localization Solution
  • Qordoba - Create market—specific messaging, imagery and UI—and publish with a single click

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