WakaTime vs. Squadlytics

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What is WakaTime?

Quantify your coding - open source plugins for automatic time tracking & insights into your programming.

What is Squadlytics?

Squadlytics is the easiest way for teams to ask "Are we on track?".
Why do developers choose WakaTime?
Why do you like WakaTime?

Why do developers choose Squadlytics?
Why do you like Squadlytics?

What are the cons of using WakaTime?
No Cons submitted yet for WakaTime
Downsides of WakaTime?

What are the cons of using Squadlytics?
No Cons submitted yet for Squadlytics
Downsides of Squadlytics?

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How much does WakaTime cost?
How much does Squadlytics cost?
Squadlytics Pricing
What companies use WakaTime?
22 companies on StackShare use WakaTime
What companies use Squadlytics?
0 companies on StackShare use Squadlytics
What tools integrate with WakaTime?
24 tools on StackShare integrate with WakaTime
No integrations listed yet

What is an alternative to WakaTime and Squadlytics?

  • Codealike - Coding metrics. See aggregate information on how your coding time was used (Coding, Debugging, Building and System time)

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