StandupMail vs. WorkingOn

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What is StandupMail?

A daily email reminder requests a quick update from you and your team. You reply with a list of your accomplishments, todos and problems. The next day, get a digest email with what your team got accomplished.

What is WorkingOn?

Simple status reporting for your team. We integrate with various tools, like GitHub, Asana, Slack, HipChat, the command line, and email, so everyone can quickly understand what others are working on while remaining in flow.

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Why do developers choose StandupMail?
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Why do developers choose WorkingOn?
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What are the cons of using StandupMail?
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What are the cons of using WorkingOn?
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How much does StandupMail cost?
How much does WorkingOn cost?
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What companies use StandupMail?
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What companies use WorkingOn?
1 companies on StackShare use WorkingOn


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What tools integrate with WorkingOn?
10 tools on StackShare integrate with WorkingOn

What are some alternatives to StandupMail and WorkingOn?

  • iDoneThis - The easiest way to share and celebrate what you get done.
  • Jell - Daily Standups and Team Check-Ins
  • Standup - Automated engineering status reports
  • Standuply - Automated standups for Slack and task trackers

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