Sunny Singh
Co-founder and Lead Developer | Ninjality
Recent Tech Decisions
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  • Material-UI

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    Provides Material-based components.

  • Babel

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    Compiles ES2015 and JSX.

  • Webpack

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    Bundles all modules.

  • PostCSS

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    Compiles future CSS.

  • Surge

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    Hosts static site.

  • React

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    Powers the UI.

  • npm

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    Manages dependencies and build scripts.

  • GitHub

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    Hosts source code.

  • CloudFlare

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    Delivers content in a fast and secure way.

  • HHVM (HipHop Virtual Machine)

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    Our servers run HHVM as a fast replacement for PHP.

  • MySQL

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    MySQL is our database of choice for storage of relational user data.

  • Bootstrap

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    We use Bootstrap both as a prototyping tool and a front-end framework. The customization of the framework allows for a beautiful yet usable user interface.

  • Vagrant

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    Our local development environment is powered by Vagrant, on which we run a Laravel Homestead box.


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    We switched from Apache to nginx for a speed boost, since we only need a light web server.

  • G Suite

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    Our team uses Google Apps for email and document collaboration.

  • New Relic

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    We use New Relic to make sure that our servers are running efficiently.

  • Bitbucket

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    We love Git for code collaboration, and host our private repositories on Bitbucket.

  • DigitalOcean

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    DigitalOcean provides reliable servers for CodeBee.

  • Laravel

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    Our PHP framework of choice that greatly speeds up development and provides useful tools.

  • CloudFlare

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    We use CloudFlare to manage our DNS. The added performance and security is a plus.

  • Less

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    We use Less to organize our CSS code with imports, variables, mixins, and more.

  • Markdown

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    Users can format their contributions with Markdown. Great way to post tutorials with code.

  • Trello

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    Trello keeps us focused on what needs to be done, and see what other team members are working on.

  • Redis

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    Redis is used as a complement to MySQL for storing data counts.

  • Amazon S3

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    We use S3 for uploads and quick content delivery.

  • Browserify

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    We use Browserify to keep our JS organized by requiring modules.

  • Papertrail

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    An easy way to check our server logs.

  • Bower

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    We use Bower to keep our front-end dependencies updated.