standardization of general projects

    • Alert channels for admins.
    • Instant messages.
    • Easy integrated.

    • Static content
    • Versioning, lifecycle
    • Log storage
    • Snapshots backup
    • Saving cost with Glacier
    • Terraform State backend

    • Graph report with many panels and Dashboard.
    • Easy to deploy, and view performance of system.
    • Intergrating with many datasource: Prometheus, CloudWatch
    • Alerts

    • Continuous Deploy
    • Dev stage: autodeploy by trigger push request from 'develop' branch of Gitlab
    • Staging and production stages: Build and rollback quicly with Ansistrano playbook
    • Sending messages of job results to Chatwork.

    • Configuration management:
      • deploy/install all web/app environments
      • simple with Galaxy and playbooks.
    • No need any pre-installed agent on remote servers.

    • DNS registration.
    • DNS routing for private/local in VPC.
    • DNS HA/Load balancing.

    • Sending emails

    • Sending system notifications to admin.
    • Receiving emails with WorkMail.

    • Host web/app
    • AutoScale
    • T3 or C5 types
    • Performance with Amazon Linux 2

    • Redis cluster for cache and session storage

    • Collect metrics for Grafana.
    • Alerts for AutoScale.
    • Centralized-logging: rds, ec2, app logs with CloudWatch Log

    • Simple operation and easy to deploy.

    • Performance, HA and Scalable.
    • AutoScale replicas.

    • Nginx and php-fpm
    • Reserve proxy
    • High performance, and easy setup.

    • Trigger Redmine issues.
    • Merge request trigger from Gitlab by webhook.
    • Post messages/alerts to Chatwork to dev team.

    • open source ( ce version ).
    • on-premise
    • SSO with G Suite
    • Many features for CI/CD

    • Application type
    • SSL free
    • forwarding by rules.
    • multiple target groups with only one ALB

    • Error and exception alert and management.
    • Concentrate management

    • DNS queries, DNSSEC.
    • Free CDN of static content, instead of CloudFront.

    • Infrastructure as Code.
    • Central tool to deploy all infratructure: AWS, CloudFlare, StatusCake

    • Free-tier.
    • HTTP check and alert to Slack.

    • Run dev containers on developers' PC.
    • And for monitor containers: easy deploy and update

    • Fast development environment setup.
    • Deploy Grafana, Prometheus container easily.

    • Project management
    • Free
    • With Agile plugins